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We have information on many things including the word “Nix” which our site is named after. The word “Nix” can have many meanings. Here are some definitions.

Noun. Mythology
German mythological water sprite in human form or half fish half human.

US and Canadian informal

Sentence substitute
1. No
2. be careful! watch out!

1. a rejection or refusal
2. nothing at all

(tr) to veto, deny, reject, or forbid (he nixed the deal)
[from German, colloquial form of nichts - nothing]

Other examples of Nixe including:

  • Hotel Nixe Palace Mallorca
  • Nixe – Soporte Linux, Open Source Software
  • The NIXE (Musical Band)
  • Nixe is a genus of mayflies in the family Heptageniidae.
    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Arthropoda
    Class: Insecta
    Order: Ephemeroptera
    Suborder: Schistonota
    Superfamily: Heptagenoidea
    Family: Heptageniidae
    Genus: Nixe
    Flowers, 1980
  • Nixe dorothae
  • Nixe flowersi
  • Nixe horrida
  • Nixe inconspicua
  • Nixe kennedyi
  • Nixe lucidipennis
  • Nixe perfida
  • Nixe rusticalis
  • Nixe spinosa

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