Nixes in Germanic mythology

Nixes in Germanic mythology

Although the image suggestive of tender and lusty female nixes is the prototype of the femme fatale, always dressed in jewels and fancy clothes, the nixes wretched creatures really are, which makes them vindictive and dangerous. According to the stories, the only way to recognize a nixe is because the hems of their dresses are always wet.

According to folklorist Karl GrĂ¼n, “He who dances with a nixe quickly realizes that his costume is a very delicate fabric. These dancers have otherwise mysterious and aristocratic airs. Dan evidence of much feeling, his character is kind and poetic, but noble and proud. ”

The habitat of the nixes are stagnant water, lakes or ponds are, however frequent and unite people with the men.

Conventional wisdom says that there are male nixes but are never seen because they are lazy and do not leave their ponds, in addition to this are deformed, spiteful and careless of their wives who often mistreat the slightest provocation, this explains why nixes seek and entice human men.

The lakes or ponds where they inhabit nixes know are very dangerous for swimming, especially during the Night of San Juan , where the laws are repealed between mortals and mystical beings. In contrast, in the spring equinox are safe and rejuvenate those who bathe in them thanks to the nixes tears mixed in water, which give magical properties.